Week 45

The finish line is just around the corner, so now is the time to start looking forward. It can be easy at the end of a challenge like this to feel smug, put my feet up and lose all the momentum. So what’s next? If I’m honest I don’t really know. I want to run more. I love obstacle racing. I desperately want to keep and improve on my fitness.

Despite losing, regaining and maintaining weight I feel like I can be more consistent and drop a big chunk of weight. Weight loss will help the running and running will help the weight loss. A true virtuous circle. I have a local Parkrun so I can definitely target that. There is a half marathon here (Brisbane) in June so I will be targeting that too. 

The main goal will be to not lose the drive, not be complacent, not take my foot off the gas. I jokingly set myself the goal of living to 110. I’m not even halfway there yet and having that mindset will push me to not be “old” in my head despite hitting 50 next year. Look at the Hollywood actors in their 50s, Clooney, Pitt, Butler. With a bit of work I can match anyone of  them. Watch me!

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