Week 40

And so I hit the 200 day mark this week. 86,000 swings completed which mean that, at 500 swings a day, I have 28 days of swinging left. Less than 6 weeks. With a week off for a short break in Japan I will finish this challenge in early December. Naturally I’m now thinking about what to do next year.

In the past I have enjoyed running. Ok, maybe not enjoyed, but tolerated, endured, persevered. I am not built for running long distances. I’m short and broad. I don’t move with a spring in my step (I prowl apparently). I also have a “gimpy” leg, my right foot and knee are misaligned so I have a very distinctive running style which sees my right leg come around in an arc instead of forward in a straight line. Friends have spotted me running from hundreds of meters away due to the leg flick. So running causes me issues.

Alongside the 100k swings I have run occasionally, short jogs of around 5km, plus playing rugby occasionally. About 6 weeks ago I felt my Achilles tendon pull, a sharp stabbing pain, not the dull you-should-have-stretched ache I’ve learned to live with. The damage was enough that I had to stop walking to work, stop playing rugby and definitely stop running.

Seeking professional help has been the only option. A nice local podiatrist has put me on a stretching (I hate stretching) and strengthening routine. I’ll probably need new corrective insoles. And hopefully I’ll be back on track sooner rather than later.

And so to my next challenge. I’m still not sure what it will be but I’d like to complete at least one half-marathon. Gipmy leg permitting.

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