Week 39

“I told you so’” was the cry. This week I received my new shiny 20kg kettlebell. I’d been considering, pondering, prevaricating on the decision for so long. Moaning and groaning that my challenge had lost its spark and its momentum. I had wrestled with the financial cost, a hundred bucks, but so close to the end of the challenge was it worth it? I’d basically wrestled with making a change. Change is necessary and inevitable as we all know.

Wednesday was the first day I broke out Big Blue. I thought that the extra 4kg shouldn’t cause too much of an issue but my body had become used to a steady, constant weight and the extra mass put a strain on my forearms and grip that I hadn’t expected. They were burning.

Coincidentally, this week I have been reading Legacy by James Kerr, a book about the All Black rugby team and how they continue to be the most successful sports team in the history of sport. One chapter talked about The Sigmoid Curve, click on the link for a full explanation but essentially it is the theory that performance dips over time and changing direction, weight, strategy, focus at the right time is essential to progress and high performance.

I’ve probably left the change a little late for it to have a significant effect on my strength and weight loss over the remaining seven weeks of my challenge. However, I have learned a simple way of looking at every aspect of my life that will be useful forever. Thank you Charles Handy!

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