Week 37

I’m in a bit of a dilemma at the moment. Should I move up a weight? I’ve been using a 16kg kettlebell since day 1 of the challenge. Back when I was taking nearly an hour to do 400 swings over the course of nearly an hour. Now I’m smashing out 10 sets of 50 in less than 25 minutes. Some days the challenge isn’t challenging as I’ve mentioned before. Other days it is a grind, my shoulders crunch, my fingers ache, my forearms burn. 

Is now the right time to add weight? There is barely 9 weeks left before I hit 100,000 swings. I would like to finish with power but also I don’t want to tip my shoulder over the edge. Will I use a 20kg kettlebell after the challenge? What will my next challenge be? Will I just join a gym and do some classes? Can I spend my money better elsewhere?

Deep down I think I will. But I’m not convinced I should. Watch this space!

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