Week 36

Another week living out of a suitcase and another week without access to the equipment and space that I’m used to. This week however, following on from my new mindst last week, I put a different spin on the experience. I have been guilty of deliberately trying to make life harder for myself with the smaller kettlebell in the hotel gym. I swapped double-handed swings for single arm swings. I tried to speed up the pace of the swings. The effect wasn’t what was intended. I felt like I wasn’t taking myself seriously enough. I felt like I was cheapening the challenge.

Last week I realised that, like life, the 100k swings has its ups and downs and that I need to ride the downs like a roller coaster. The metaphor of the roller coaster is one that I have misunderstood for a long time. A roller coaster has ups and downs, mountain ranges have ups and downs. Ups and downs, peaks and troughs. The up isn’t the fun bit. The ups is the hard work that brings you to the peak, the slow chug of the coaster car as it reaches the crest. The down is the fun bit where we fly fast free of restriction and enjoy the view.

Swinging in the hotel gym this week came with a big smile every day. I could look around and see how far I’d come. I could look back as I hit 75,000 swings. I can reflect on the hard work and what I’ve learned. I can see the injury that I’ve been carrying. So with a fresh and clear perspective I didn’t “battle” through the light equipment, I embraced the opportunity to focus on form and technique. Going back to basics. Checking my feet, my arc, my hinge. Fortifying the foundations that will see me across the finish line. It’s not what happens, it’s how you react to it.

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