Week 35

This week I feel like I’m operating at peak mojo. After feeling sorry for myself and feeling that the challenge was no longer stretching me I have turned over a new mental and emotional leaf. It’s easy to get into the habit of looking on the downside of everything. Habits can stick with me, especially bad ones. I made the conscious decision to just have a little fun and enjoy the ride. What’s the point of working hard at something only to get down when it no longer feels like work.

It is a subtle mental switch. That moment when effort becomes fluid. It is easy to start doubting your work ethic. Curse yourself and force yourself to work harder. Looking back on my life I can see those moments and the times when I reacted in that way. Mentally beating myself up. Calling myself lazy. Trying to make life harder because effortless seems wrong.

Somewhere in the last seven days I realised that the smooth running of my swings, the sensation of zen like peace as I gaze into the horizon is not something to be ashamed of. The fitness gods aren’t staring down on me with fury. The serenity of the swings is the reward for the consistent effort over the last 35 weeks, the 175 days of pushing myself. With around 12 weeks left I can allow myself to revel in the fruits of my labour, to enjoy the final lap. I feels good.

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