Week 33 – Month 8

The end of month 8 was a little disappointing on the tubby front, literally my front is looking tubby again. The last 6 or 7 weeks has been pretty poor from a diet and discipline perspective. I spent that fortnight back in the UK with family and friends, returned to a new job plus a rekindled relationship. All of this has seen my alcohol intake and dietary choices spike and plummet in equal measure. At the tender age of almost 50 my body seems to gain/regain weight at five times the speed that I lose it.

On a positive note, I’ve increased the swings by 20% daily, rising from 400 to 500 per day. To start with I just planned for this to be a short term fix to recover the 4,000 swings I missed while in the UK (an extra 500 swings a week for 8 weeks) but now that my body is used to the 500 I might as well keep it that way. The spin off benefit is that the scheduled completion of the challenge will now be the end of November rather than the middle of December which also accounts for the week in Japan that I’ll be enjoying later this year. It also means that if, or more likely when, my shoulder gets sore again I can take a day or two extra to recover without the sense of a deadline looming.

I tried to be careful when I planned the challenge to allow contingency but I didn’t account for the increased strength that I would have developed and the added flexibility that this would give me. Looking back on the journey so far the biggest takeaway is the importance of being adapt and adjust along the way while still keeping the goal in mind. Just like life, change is inevitable, it’s how we deal with it that determines the outcome. Jack Canfield, author of the massively best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul books, wrote the formula E+R=O. Event + Reaction = Outcome. I feel like I’m living that right now in the best possible way.

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