Week 32

Although it would be dramatic in the extreme to say that I feel like my body, my shoulder in particular, is breaking down due to the repetitive motion of over 65,000 kettlebell swings in the last 8 months I am a bit of a drama queen. So with that in mind I do feel like I am damaging things. The deltoid and possibly rotator cuff in my right shoulder are sore, they creak like a rusty door and crunch like a big bag of crisps (chips for my US friends). 

I have had a little therapy thanks to my partner. I have used industrial quantities of Tiger Balm and Deep Heat (my apartment smells so nice, albeit a little eye watering). I try to stretch but I’m not a good stretcher, it’s a big failing for me. So I have decided to try some supplements. I have always been resistant to the idea. I’m a sucker for stories of undigested tablets in the New York sewer system, tales of supplements basically making my pee more expensive than Patron or Chivas. However, I am aware that Magnesium is good for muscle soreness and Glucosamine is good for the joints so I have chosen to conduct a 20 day experiment with Voost soluble supplements. 

20 days because there are 20 tablets in a tube. The down side is limited to the $25-30 that the tablets cost. The upside is unlimited. If nothing else the experiment will force me to drink a pint of water every morning which is another one of my self care black-spots. The experiment is not scientific, is totally self reported, will be swayed by placebo/nocebo effects, has a statistical sample of one. Maybe calling it an experiment is slightly pompous but guess feels less positive. 

So here’s to a combination of chemistry and faith. Bottoms up!!

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