Week 31

Sometimes life gives you lemons, lemon tart plus gin and tonic with a nice slice of lemon. This week I’ve been travelling for work again. In the past this has been a massive issue for me. I’ve had to skip days, borrow gym memberships, sign up for free trials and one time, use a dumbbell instead of a kettlebell (not recommended). This time it was different.

This time I found a hotel that actually had kettlebells. A 12kg and a 6kg but it was better than nothing. The 12kg wasn’t big enough to push me with sets of 50 two handed swings so I had to adapt. I’d recently become fascinated, or more likely hypnotised, by instagrammers performing kettlebell flow moves, a type of movement somewhere between brute strength and ballet. Juggling the bell from hand to hand smoothly and poetically like a dance with a giant lump of metal. While I didn’t manage any pretty moves it did remind me that one arm swings were an option for me. And because 50 one arm swings is a bit of a chore I made sure to change hands, smoothly, like a steel swinging Rudolf Nureyev.

Business hotels, and business hotel gyms, are not designed for a good work out but once in a while luck smiles on us. This time the luck was with me. When you need it, I hope the luck is with you too.

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