Week 30, Month7

I actually completed month 7 during week 29 but I didn’t check my weight. Coming fresh off two weeks vacation and halfway through a week on the road with my new job I thought I’d spare my blushes and just wait until the end of August to check.

When I was naive enough to start the challenge I didn’t even ask myself if I was likely to finish it. Now when I look back at the last 30 weeks I’m slightly shocked at how well I’ve stuck to it. I have had plenty of reasons to stop, injury, personal distractions, a new job, travel, boredom, to nem but a few. Regularly posting on Instagram and Facebook plus writing this blog has kept me accountable to an invisible, and probably mostly imagined, crowd.

I am good at throwing myself into short term challenges, Movember, dry January etc but a long term discipline has never been something I’ve stuck to. I believe that I’m developing that harder edge and the ability to keep coming back. The future will bring new challenges, chosen and imposed, and the 100,000 swings will have toughened my resolve to shoulder them all.

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