Week 29

Two weeks of blissful holiday. Flying halfway around the world and squeezing in every possible minute with friends and family. On the face of it it should be exhausting but to be honest it really filled my batteries back up. I’ve written about it before but I’ll say it again, rest is really highly underrated.

The down side of this of course is that I chose not to do swings for two weeks. The break helped my shoulder to heal. It also perked up my enthusiasm for the challenge. It does mean that I am 4,000 swings behind schedule though.

Before the break I was trying to decide on the next “level” of swings, whether or not I should increase the weight to 20kg. So as luck has it (and I seem to be lucky at the moment) the break presents me with the answer. Moving from 400 swings per day to 500 for the next 8 weeks will bring be back on track. With another trip planned in November (Japan by the way, I’m so excited), if I stretch this to 12 weeks I’ll be close to the finish line and on schedule.

So here’s to good timing and flexible planning 😉

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