Week 28

56,000 swings fully completed and now it’s time for a short break. I’m heading back to the UK for a couple of weeks to spend time with my children, family and friends. The break will undoubtedly recharge my enthusiasm and allow my shoulder to repair itself.

I did consider finding ways to keep the swinging while I am there. I will have access to gyms and plenty of training partners and cheerleaders but with only 11 nights and a host of people I only see once a year I’ve prioritised the social over the swings.

When I return I’ll have 22 weeks to finish the challenge. That will take me up to Christmas and frankly I really look forward to just being a bit of a pig over the festive period. So to increase the effort on my part I’m going to compress that 22 weeks into 20 or possibly 18 weeks. I plan to up the daily swing count to 500 bringing the weekly total to 2500. 5 weeks for the price of 4. To hit that consistently I am going to take more care over the joints and shoulders. 

So for now, stepping away from the kettlebell, putting my feet up and opening a cold one. 

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