Week 27

Pushing through an injury is always a stupid idea. Fortunately I haven’t been that stupid. The shoulder injury is still causing me some discomfort and some semi-professional advice had pinpointed my medial deltoid as the weak spot. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, the humble kettlebell swing is often touted as one of the full body exercises that can cure all ills, deadlifts and swimming being others, also (the horror!) burpees. This injury however underlines the shortcomings in this line of thinking. The range of movement in the swing does engage a number of muscles. It works the core, legs, back, forearms, hamstrings, hips and shoulders among others.

The deltoid, the heart shaped muscle on the shoulder joint comes in three sections, anterior, medial and posterior. Anterior and posterior, front and back. Medial = middle. Latin lesson over. The anterior deltoid and its posterior partner are responsible for the forward and back motion of the arm, the motion through the plane of the swing. The medial however brings the arm up from the side creating a T shape. Definitely not part of the swing, more like shoulder flys. Anatomy lesson done.

So the lack of this movement in my routine has created the weakness. This weakness was exposed during my inglorious return to the rugby pitch and now I carry the niggle. I don’t know if I can rehab it and complete my challenge but I’ll only find out by trying.

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