Week 25 – Halfway!

Reaching the halfway mark of anything has always felt good to me. Being closer to the finish than the start line has a symbolic, psychological feel. If I was running or hiking it would mean that continuing would be easier than turning back. Halfway has always given me that feeling.

What have these 25 weeks brought me? A better level of fitness, improved mental health and new reserves of fortitude as a minimum.

Injuries and niggles aside my body has responded well to the challenge. I’ve lost around 5 kg of weight and I can feel in the way my clothes sit and look. I can see changes in the shape of my arms and shoulders. Grip strength has improved. Even cardio fitness is noticeably better.

Mentally committing to the routine of a 30-45 minute session a day has eliminated uncertainty and decision making from my workouts. No going to the gym and wondering which machine to use. Decision fatigue is a real thing people!! Now I know what I’m doing every day for the next 6 months. There is something very comforting about routine, the predictability just smoothes life away.

Some of the spin off benefits I’ve noticed are a greater determination about things in general. Knowing that I can do this has given me confidence to tackle some other challenges in life. I’ve begun to have a more strategic view on things, looking further forward than I usually do. Not having too much slack in my plan means I’m constantly looking forward to potential hurdles and obstacles and planning around them.

I may be 6 months into this but I know the benefits will last for many years to come.

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