Week 23

The recent spate of tragic deaths on Everest were a lesson in knowing when to back away from a challenge, knowing when taking a backwards step is the right thing to do to ensure we still move forward. As I’ve mentioned before one of my core weaknesses is not listening to my body, rest, recovery and all of that. When I planned this challenge I tried to create rest days in the schedule. 2 rest days a week plus two complete spare weeks. As I approach the halfway point I am only one day behind schedule however the rest days haven’t generally been a focussed day of R&R. Usually the non swinging days have been days of travel, days of illness or, once in a while, days of just not being in the mood.

This week I have a twinge in my shoulder, probably a legacy from my glorious return to the rugby field 3 weeks ago. It feels like the rotator cuff but I’m no expert. I know I should go to the doc or the physio. I know some people will be rolling their eyes or shouting at the screen but I just don’t like spending the money on something that I’ve created myself. My own stupid pride and stubborness is conspiring against me again.

So what am I doing. I’m not taking time off for sure, there isn’t enough slack in the system for that, especially as I’m travelling back to Europe for two weeks soon. I am applying heat. I am gently stretching. I am breaking up my swings over two sessions of 200 swings a piece (morning and evening) while I let this resolve itself.

I should be taking a backwards step right now but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

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