Week 22, Month 5

Consistency and routine again became the focus of this week and this month. The highlight of week 22 was the visit from my kids who flew halfway around the World to spend some quality time with me. Whatever my commitment to this challenge is it was always going to come second to them.

Spending time with family meant that I needed to adapt my routine, putting in the effort while they slept, moving my days around and it seemed to work. Diet for the week was shot to pieces however and was heavy on the fries, pizzas and bread. I know I could have imposed a healthy diet on them, eaten differently by myself but this was a holiday, an opportunity to share and be together and relax (something that I struggle with). However my weight didn’t change from the end of April to the end of May and considering that the night before the May weigh in I’d consumed a Domino’s pizza, a fair amount of wine and other sundry crap. I was happy with the number on the scales.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome: this ethos, motto approach or a version of it appears in a wide variety of philosophies from Buddhism and Stoicism to the U.S. Marine Corp. I’m a fan of the Stoics and I’ve been weaving this approach into my challenge all along, building this mental habit. The physical element of 100,000 swings is important for me but even more important is how it changes my approach to sticking with a task. When I choose a challenge in the future from learning a language, mastering a new job to building a house or a relationship, the mental fortitude that this is creating can only help to see me across the finish line.

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