Week 19

One of the questions I was asking with my challenge is can a person get “fit” with just one exercise. I’d often heard the mantra that if you only do one exercise then swim or deadlift or do kettlebell swings.

So 95 days of kettlebell swing done and 155 days to go, what do I think so far. Well I feel fitter for a start. I have better muscle tone but no significant weight loss (at least not by what I was hoping for). Mentally I am stronger and more capable of just getting on with it. I am better at swinging kettlebells plain and simple.

But I’m not “functionally fit” as I discovered when I crossed the whitewash for the first time in over twenty years to play a game of veterans (old people not soldiers) rugby with Easts Toothless Tigers. Sprinting, or fast trundling at least, tackling, being tackled, twisting, turning all of the movements I haven’t practiced with a kettlebell in my hand left me a little broken by Sunday morning and moving like a rusty tinman.

So if can only do one exercise what should you do? Well frankly, in my opinion, you should stop listening to your own bullshit about being restricted to one exercise and find a rounded routine that covers strength, flexibility and endurance. If you have a specific goal, train for that goal but add things that are outside your normal range. This was the original concept behind cross training, training across disciplines.

Can you get fit with just one exercise? Probably but not as fit as you’ll get with a plan.   

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