Week 18, Month 4

A third of the way through the challenge and I seem to have passed the weight loss plateau at last. I always knew I’d get there but it is soul destroying looking at those scales and seeing nothing happen. The image I see in the mirror is tough to gauge as I look at it every day and when you do that you can’t see changes. Sometimes you have to look away for a while before looking back to see the shift. I should probably put some before and after photos side by side for a little motivation.

Throughout the month I’ve started to re-examine my eating (and drinking) habits, I have pushed myself to catch up with the days missed because of illness and travel and I have considered reducing rest periods and investing in a heavier kettlebell. I’ve also been blown away with the community of people who constantly encourage and inspire me to keep going when I get frustrated and bored.

May will be a big month for me as I try to be disciplined with my diet and nutrition especially as two of my kids are visiting for a week and there will be not much time and lots of pizza. Having company I love always sways me towards the instant gratification over the long term benefits but they are fully behind my challenge too and I know they’ll keep me strong.

2 Replies to “Week 18, Month 4”

  1. In four or five weeks, you’re going to perform 10,000 proper kettlebell swings. These will be split among 20 workouts. You’ll do 500 swings per workout.


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