Week 17

We’ve just passed Easter. The time when people finish a period of abstinence from something and pig out on chocolate eggs. Although I didn’t. I didn’t give up anything for lent but I also didn’t pig out on chocolate either. I may have hit the wine a little harder than I’d promised myself I would but no fast/binge cycle like as we traditionally expect at this time.

I have now begun to think about my diet. Not going on a diet diet, actually thinking about what I eat, and why I eat it. This challenge is achieving some of its stated goals. I feel fitter. I’m definitely more disciplined, with the challenge at least, and the writing.

I can feel that parts of my body are firming up. Shoulders certainly, abs even a little bit. But I’m not losing any weight, not noticeably anyway. So with May just around the corner I will focus some of that discipline on what I buy and what I eat. Where focus goes, energy flows as Tony Robbins says and he’s done pretty well for himself.

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