Week 16

Like any blogger worth his salt I am, this week, taking a news story and twisting it into a clumsy metaphor. You’ve been warned.

On April 15 the World famous and beautiful French Gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris caught fire and burned for 15 hours causing a vast amount of damage but not total destruction. Global sadness was shown by many and the money and plans to rebuild it have already begun rolling in.

This wasn’t the first time that this 850 year old treasure has needed some love, care and attention. In the 16th century rioting Huguenots damaged many of the famed statues, in the 18th century the cathedral was desecrated during the French Revolution, and subsequent Disneyfication in the 20th century with a singing hunchback didn’t help either.  

While the current version of the landmark goes back to 1160 the Indiana Jones style archaeologists have traced prior churches on site back to the 4th century. So while there will be another fairytale, phoenix from the flames resurrection in coming years this icon has developed, grown and evolved to what it is now. It grew to something that survived 15 hours of raging flames and retained its grace and strength.

So we can all take a lesson from the steady incremental fortification of the cathedral. Build slowly and with strength and be able to withstand the worst that the past, present and future can throw at you.

How d’ya like them metaphors?

2 Replies to “Week 16”

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