Week 14

Pondering again the difficulties with fitness and travel. Planning can can cover a lot. Is there a local gym? Does the hotel have the equipment I need? Can I pack what I need? Am I confusing planning with being honest about my priorities?

Yes, was I honest about my priorities for this particular trip? No I wasn’t. I was looking forward to spending time with people I hadn’t seen for a little while. I was looking forward to having a quasi social life again briefly. I was looking forward to spending some late nights drinking and eating and chatting and putting the world to rights. And with that comes mild hangovers (I’ve never been one for hangovers, much to the irritation of a few ex partners) and getting out of bed as late as possible.

I did manage to fit in one session of swinging a dumbell in lieu of a kettlebell but it wasn’t the same and I could feel my posture and form being pulled out. The dumbell was so fat that I struggled with the grip too. So with an aching lower back and sore knuckles I threw in the towel and committed to catch up at a later time.

I’m sure there are refillable bags or vessels that could be packed neatly and used in these instances. I’ve thought about it. Steel and iron are fairly dense so 16kg is a tight package. 16kg of water is 16 liters. 16 liters of water is a big package to swing between my short legs. Maybe I’ve hit on an idea, travel kettlebells! Maybe my fortune is just around the corner.

One Reply to “Week 14”

  1. If you choose to do the program 5 days per week, on one of those days you’ll only do the swings. Leave out the strength work between rounds. If you train 4 days per week, you’ll use the strength movements every workout.


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