Week 12

The tyranny of travel wasn’t so bad this week. I managed to organise a free 3 day pass for a gym chain near my hotel. I do feel sorry for the guys that make the follow up calls. I remember doing outbound sales calls and it is an unforgiving job. You can tell early on whether the person doesn’t want to buy but you have to go through the motions and hope, just hope that you can overcome some of the objections and wear them down enough to sign up so you hit target.

It was the other side of travel that beat me this week. I was already behind due to the previous illness bout. This week was filled with breakfast and dinner catch ups. All very welcome and very enjoyable but not conducive to crowbarring 45 minutes of gym time plus getting there changing showering etc into the day. First world problems!

Show me a man’s calender and I’ll show you his priorities said someone wiser than me. So yes I sacrificed a gym session or two to catch up with friends and relax a little. Some warm social contact was definitely what my spirit needed.

When I designed my challenge I knew there wouldn’t be too much slack in the system. That was deliberate. Too much leeway and I’d take it. Too many optional days and I’d take them and the momentum would falter. So cornered by my own plan I pulled a double shift on the Friday and added in a Saturday so I was only one day behind. Plan the work, and work the plan. So far, so good.

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