Week 9 & Month 2

The struggles I’ve had this month have been mostly mental. My body seems to have adapted to the routine and the regularity of my goals. Travel intervened again this week but this time with a little forward thinking it only required a small change in schedule to see me right. Starting a week on the Sunday with a four day week and three days off and then starting a 6 day week, week 10, on the Sunday again

One of the side goals I had for the challenge was some real noticeable weight loss and unfortunately February failed to deliver. Many kind souls have reminded me that the lard is probably moving to muscle and that not everything can be measured on the scales. However I know what I can feel and I feel like a bit of a failure on the fat burning front.

Feb was a funny month, but no one was laughing. Through some key personal decisions I found myself feeling lonely, self pitying and full of self doubt. And unfortunately my reaction to those emotions usually involves cheese and alcohol. So while I know that muscle is denser than fat tissue, that there will be plateaus along the way I also know that February was a month of self sabotage on the tubby front.

So March starts with a few sober weeks and a conscious effort to be mindful about eating. Preparing meals in advance. Managing what is in the fridge and on the shelf closely. Basically trying to exert the same discipline to that aspect of my health as I am with the challenge.

Wish me luck, I’m already starving.

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