Week 7

A lifetime of poor flexibility and a severe allergy to stretching has left me a little like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Add to that an issue I’ve had since I was younger; APT, Anterior Pelvic Tilt. That is a tightening of the hip flexors which results in that funny stance where your belly and but stick out at the same time.

Swinging kettlebells involves a lot of hip action and that hip action has seen my hip flexor tighten even more, especially on the left. So now I’m having to learn how to foam roll (which I hate) and try to do some light yoga (which I don’t hate) so that my challenge doesn’t creak to an early finish.

I have so much admiration for the yoga obsessed, leisure wear clad ladies who commit to that physical contortion many times a week. I salute you.

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