Week 5 & Month 1

The early part of any challenge is always hard. They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Making the decision, committing to it, overcoming the self doubt, the self sabotage, procrastination. I should know. I’ve put myself through so many. I‘ve been pretty adept at starting new things. I’m an experience magpie. I love the sensation of the unknown, the adventure of the unseen. And so I started.

There wasn’t really a plan. There was the outline of an intention. I really wanted to see where this would take me. And now I’m a month in, the swings are counting up steadily. My biggest fears were boredom and not nailing the habit, the routine. My biggest victory so far is just that. A daily habit that is good for me, that I’ve stopped thinking about, that I just do.

The tangible benefits have started to show too. A lower maximum heart rate. 2.5kg lost. No real injuries. Blisters and twinges but nothing more.

Now I have to keep pushing on. Tweaking my habit, reducing the rest, pulling bigger sets but not pushing too far too fast. I like to rush and get frustrated when I don’t hit my end goals quickly. So many New Year’s Resolutions lay broken behind me. My Duolingo app has Spanish, French and Italian all half finished. The guitar that I started to learn on is gathering dust in the corner. The great novel I was going to write… Ok that doesn’t exist. This time, this goal is different. The goal is to finish. To complete 250 days of 400 kettlebell swings. I can’t rush, I just need to grind it out. And if there is one thing I am good at is relentlessly grinding out a task. This time I will finish.

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