Week 4

The challenge this week was travel. It’s relatively easy for me to swing a kettlebell at home. Easy, of course, if you ignore dragging my ass out of bed, actually doing the swings and avoiding Brisbane’s sweaty sticky heat. Easy because I have my own space, I have my own kettlebell, I don’t need a membership to my balcony (although it is an exclusive club).

Travelling with a kettlebell briefly crossed my mind. Could I sneak a bright yellow 16kg  kettlebell onto a flight, in my hand luggage? Could I fit it into my checked luggage? The answer is probably yes but I didn’t want to deal with the consequences. Imagine if it fell out of the overhead locker!!

The real issue for me is a failure to plan. I tend to fall back on my “I’m sure it’ll be fine” approach to life. Often it works. It reduces a lot of stress for sure. Occasionally though, I really should plan ahead. I could have called my hotel to see if they had kettlebells in their gym. They didn’t. I could have trawled Groupon for one of the many FREE 7 DAY TRIALS that pepper the gym market in January. I didn’t. Fortunately one of my colleagues was having a break from his fitness regime. He was kind enough to lend me his gym access card for a few days.

Next time I need to plan ahead a little better. But ultimately it did work out just fine. I love it when that happens.

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