Week 3

My morning challenge of swings has finally started to become a habit. I’ve gotten past that point where I felt like I had to make a decision every morning. Do I swing today? I always knew I had to but there were moments when I was tempted to “do it tonight” or “maybe I’ll take a day off today and make it up on the weekend”. It feels good to not think about it. Like brushing my teeth or making coffee, now it just happens.

I’ve been extremely lucky this week. Queensland Kettlebells reached out and offered to work with me on my technique and form. Practice makes perfect but only if you are practicing perfectly. If I made it through 100,000 swings with poor form I would surely have ingrained all of those bad habits and associated physical strains along the way. Piers worked with me on hip and arm position and weight distribution. I can already feel the reduced pull on my shoulder joints. “Sliding my butt along a bench” is the image I’m trying to hold on to while I swing to keep the hip hinge and drive neat and snappy.

The big challenge for next week is interstate travel and staying in a hotel. The hunt for a kettelbell begins!

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