Week 1

And so the challenge begins. With great enthusiasm on New Year’s Day I leapt out of bed at 5.30 am grateful for not having too many bottles of wine the night before, threw on some kit and just started swinging. I probably should have warmed up or savoured the moment but I was pretty keen just to get on with it.

I started with 40 swings. I probably could have done 50 in that first set but could feel that aching heat in my knuckles and didn’t want to stop on any number not divisible by 10 (I am a numbers guy and a tiny bit OCD). The second set was the same with another 40 but this time knuckles and elbows were aching. Third and fourth sets dropped to 30 just in case and the sweat was making my grip pretty slippery and I was concerned that I may launch the kettlebell through a window. So I settled on 25s for the remainder.

Could I have done 500 instead of 400? No. No I couldn’t. While the simple everyday kettlebell swing looks so fluid and graceful my lungs were gasping and my heart was pumping hard. I feel like I’ve pitched the numbers just about right. If I do manage to get as far as 8 sets of 50 I will invest in the next weight up (20kg) and see what that does.

Day 2 mirrored day 1 but I’ve settled on 16 sets of 25 for the rest of this month at least. Better to start slow and build than to force it and injure myself.

49 weeks and 98,400 swings left. Too easy!

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