That is the question that I’m sure you are asking yourself. Why are you doing this and more importantly why are you making a massive fuss about it?

100,000 kettlebell swings in one year sounds a lot and in many ways it is. Break it down and it’s a bit more manageable. 400 per day, 5 days a week for 50 weeks. Simple? Yes. Easy? Not so much. I am nearing 50 and I wanted to challenge myself physically but sadly I’m short of money but with plenty of time so what could I do that didn’t cost much (so no Ironman races or climbing Everest)? I already own some kettlebells so that was a start.

Kettlebell swings are often touted as a full body workout. Like deadlifts or swimming they claim to be one of those “If you only do one exercise” type of exercises. I need to lose weight and tone up so tick and tick. I can do them indoors or out so weather won’t be an excuse. I know how to do them so no need for instruction.

I’ve done some challenges in the past but I always slipped backwards eventually. I wanted to test my discipline too. If I fall behind a few days it will get harder and harder to catch up. I need to start and then keep going and find ways to overcome and anticipate obstacles. What if I’m travelling? What if I’m injured? It will test my endurance and will power too.

But why the fuss Daf? Why the blog? The Instagram? Etc etc. Well I don’t want to have an excuse. By making this as public as possible I will be embarrassed if I stop. The more people that know my goal, the less likely I am to quit halfway through. I like to think of it as extreme accountability.

That’s why.